Meet The Designer: Lisa Signoff of Nerland Building & Restoration


It seems rare that you find couples who work great together these days. This week RoomReveal chats with Lisa Signoff of Nerland Building & Restoration who has succeeded in finding the perfect balance between family and flawless design.

Lisa, the design half of the dynamic duo, says she and husband Alex are the perfect match. The secret sauce is apparently in the role they each play. Lisa says, “I dream it up and he makes it happen,” which sounds like a modern day fairytale.  Her husband Alex takes on the architectural and space planning roles.

A new found appreciation for vintage preservation in recent years has pushed the market from complete remodel towards restoration remodeling. The Nerland’s love for San Francisco inspired them to specialize in restoring Victorian homes while making sure to keep the soul of the house and architecture intact.

Sausalito Central Residence

Lisa often jokes that she removes walls for a living, “I get the most satisfaction from transforming a room into an open, usable, practical and beautiful space.”

Nob Hill Townhouse

Let’s face it, with the changing economic climate it’s no surprise there has been a rise in home remodeling; we’re all looking to make the best of our current spaces. We asked Lisa more about the average homeowner realizing their home design dreams and this is what she had to say:

“Home design is no longer an enigma. There are multiple resources to get homeowners started without spending hundreds of dollars on books and magazines. Most homeowners need help, but they have so many resources to draw from today, whatever the budget. Our greatest satisfaction is executing a beautiful design on a shoestring budget. Clients can’t believe we can do it, but it’s all in the finishing touches.”

Nob Hill Townhouse

Nob Hill Townhouse

Sometimes the answers are right in front of you, literally. Lisa has been known to help rearrange an entire house to finish a space. According to Lisa, it’s usually all there, it’s just how you arrange it.

Balboa Residence

Balboa Residence

These days we hear a great deal about designing on a budget. My DVR is jam packed with remodeling shows that put me on an “everything is possible” high. But how accurate is that? I asked Lisa her thoughts and boy was she whirling with excitement!

“Some are just ridiculous! Have you seen Love It or List It? There is no way they can stretch the budget as they do! “

In order to avoid an expectation gap, Lisa recommends discussing the budget at the very beginning of the project during the planning phase. Once you commit to a budget it also helps professionals follow through with the design, and they will scale you back to reality if needed.

Lisa also reminds homeowners to make sure each space is just as practical as it is beautiful. “I believe designers often get caught up in the beauty of a space and forget to add storage and other necessary features which are sometimes not as sexy.”

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Happy home improving!

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